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Use the edge multiplier time set configuration to split the vector period into multiple DUT cycles for a pin. Edge multiplier is a time set and pattern file feature that enables up to two pin states per pin, per vector. Increasing the edge multiplier from 1 to 2 will require a single vector period to specify two pin states, one per DUT cycle. Setting the edge multiplier to 2 can achieve data rates greater than the base vector rate. Regardless of the edge multiplier of any pin, each vector only has one time set and one opcode and will consume one vector's worth of memory.

An edge multiplier of 2 can be combined with non-return, return to low, and return to high drive formats to achieve higher bit rates. Surround by complement is not supported. A time set that has an edge multiplier of 2 has three additional programmable edges that define the behavior of the second DUT cycle: data2, return2, and strobe2. Edge placement must not violate the minimum pulse width specification of the digital pattern instrument.

The edge multiplier of a pin may change on a per-vector basis. Use the .edge_multiplier statement to change the edge multiplier of each pin in a vector. The time set and pattern vector must have the same edge multiplier per pin. Two pin states must be specified for any pin that has an edge multiplier of 2. The two pin states are limited to the following combinations: 00, 01, 10, 11, LL, LH, HL, HH, XX, MM, VV, DD, EE, and --.

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