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NI InsightCM™ SDK 3.3 Help

Edition Date: December 2018

Part Number: 375191F-01

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The following documents contain information that you may find helpful as you use this help file.

Software Documentation

  • NI InsightCM Server Readme—Installation instructions and access to known issues.
  • Getting Started with NI Condition Monitoring Systems and NI InsightCM Server—A step-by-step tutorial that guides you through defining the equipment layout, adding a device configuration, connecting the device to the server, and taking an acquisition from the device channels.
  • NI InsightCM Server Configuration and Monitoring Help—The help system that installs with NI InsightCM Server, which you can access from the Help menu in the InsightCM web application.

Hardware Documentation

  • Operating Instructions and Specifications document for NI C Series modules—How to use the module, as well as specifications and terminal assignments for the module. To access these documents, visit and enter the appropriate Info Code from the following table.
    C Series Module Link/Info Code
    for Documentation
    9205 9205doc
    9207 9207doc
    9208 9208doc
    9211 9211doc
    9213 9213doc
    9214 9214doc
    9217 9217doc
    9219 9219doc
    9232 9232doc
    9425 9425doc
    9426 9426doc
  • NI Condition Monitoring Systems Documentation—The following documents contain information about the CompactRIO-based NI Condition Monitoring Systems.
    DocumentDescription NI CMS-9036NI CMS-9065NI CMS-9068
    Maintaining Hardware in NI Condition Monitoring SystemsHow to maintain the controller and chassis for an NI InsightCM system, including mounting the chassis, installing C Series I/O modules in the chassis, connecting to a network, and supplying power.InsightCM Server\manuals
    CompactRIO controller and chassis datasheets Device specifications, including power requirements, physical characteristics, safety and environmental information, and other important information. Visit and enter crio9036datasheet Visit and enter crio9065datasheet Visit and enter crio9068datasheet
    NI InsightCM Enterprise Monitoring Systems Quick Start Step-by-step visual instructions for connecting devices to power, the network, and sensors. This document is also printed and shipped with NI Condition Monitoring Systems. InsightCM Server\manuals\CMS_Device_Quick_Start.pdf


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