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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Creating a New Process

Some NI-developed processes rely on pre-defined global properties to control certain behaviors. These properties affect behaviors that you do not need users to customize on a per-device basis. For example, a property in an NI-developed software configuration defines how often the File Manager process evaluates its free disk space to ensure a minimum amount remains free. You can define custom global properties in device software configurations that you want NI-developed or custom processes to read from. NI InsightCM Server sends these property values to the device in a configuration JSON file so processes can read them when they start up and initialize.

What to Use

  • Get Device Type Configuration VI
  • Get Device Type Configuration Section VI
  • Get key value VIs on the Property Helpers palette

What to Do

Create the following block diagram to get a property for a specific software process. Customize the gray sections for your unique programming goals.

Reads and returns the contents of the software configuration JSON file.
Use the Get Device Type Configuration Section to parse the entire device software configuration for the properties of the process of interest. Specify the value of key as the name that is entered in the configuration file, which might be different from the process name in the device software itself.
Use a Get VI on the Property Helpers palette that corresponds to the data type in which the property value is expressed. This palette contains VIs for Boolean, 32-bit signed integers, double-precision floating-point numbers, and strings. Specify the value of default as the value to return if the VI cannot find the key.

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