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Parent Topic: Device Type Definitions

Software configurations define properties for software processes to read at run time. These properties affect behaviors that you do not need users to customize on a per-device basis. For example, a property in an NI-developed software configuration defines how often the File Manager process evaluates its free disk space to ensure a minimum amount remains free. Users do not set this property on a per-device basis.

Note  This definition is one part within the device type definition structure. In other words, when you export and import a device type definition, this definition is included.

Define properties for a particular process in a JSON object that contains a name-value pair for each property you want to provide to the process. The following example shows the objects for two processes, TagPublisher and Data Event Creator, each with one property.



"Section": "TagPublisher": {

"KeyValues": {

"OnDemandInterval": "60",




"Section": "DataEventCreator": {

"KeyValues": {

"SettingTimeSeconds": "30",




NI InsightCM Server sends these property values to the device in a configuration JSON file so processes can read them when they start up and initialize.

Modifying or Creating a Software Configuration

To modify properties for an NI-developed process, you can export the device definition, change a property value, and then reimport the device definition. The top-level device type definition contains software configuration definitions. Otherwise, you can create a new software configuration within the device type definition and remove NI-developed software configurations.

To define properties for a custom process, create a new software configuration within the device type definition.

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