Adding Support for New Units of Measurement

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Defining Units for Measurements

On the System page»Units tab in the InsightCM web application, you can configure which units of measurement sensors use to acquire data. You can assign one or more units to a particular measurement type, and then any sensors that perform that type of measurement can be configured to do so in those units. To cause the InsightCM web application to allow such configuration, create or edit the unit definition for the affected measurement type. Unit definitions define the names of units that a particular measurement type supports.

Complete the following tasks to add or update a unit definition:

  1. Export an existing unit definition from NI InsightCM Server, such as one that NI developed.
  2. Create or edit the unit definition in a JSON file, which serves as the source for unit definitions.
  3. Import the contents of the JSON file into the database that NI InsightCM Server uses to store configuration information.

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