Setting a Default Process Action

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Parent Topic: Creating a New Process

The While Loop in the process VI iterates continuously regardless of whether the While Loop has any priority action or message to handle. Therefore, you must specify a default subdiagram to execute in this situation. Typically, this default subdiagram maintains the process state from one iteration to the next by passing its configuration data and error clusters through the While Loop. You can consider this operation as an idle state.

You can set the default action in the following places within the process VI template:

  • Prior to the While Loop, initialize the default action shift register with the name of the default subdiagram. In the process template, this is an empty string whose corresponding subdiagram passes the configuration data and error clusters through the loop unchanged.
  • At the end of any subdiagram, you can set a different default action by specifying its name and wiring it to the default action shift register at the edge of the While Loop, as the following block diagram shows.

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