Setting the Processes in the Dataflow Script

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Allowing Data to Flow between Processes in a Specific Order

To add a process to the Dataflow Script, initialization code must first add the process name to the ordered list of processes.

What to Use

  • Insert Dataflow Step VI
  • Process-specific ProcessName VIs
  • (Optional) Delete Dataflow Step VI

What to Do

Create the following block diagram to set the processes in the Dataflow Script. Customize the gray sections for your unique programming goals.

Reuse the NI-developed to initialize the Qbus message bus, set the NI-developed processes that make up the Dataflow Script, and set other global data structures that processes will read and write. To avoid conflicts when migrating code to future versions of the SDK, NI recommends you do not edit
Inserts a process immediately after the process whose data you want this process to receive. For example, you can insert a process that performs custom calculations on waveforms directly after the NI-developed Vibration Analysis process. Call an instance of this VI for each process you want to add. Use the process-specific from the process project library to provide an easy-to-maintain version of the process name.
To remove one of the NI-developed processes that adds to the Dataflow Script, remove that process here. For example, if you develop a custom process to take the place of the NI-developed Accumulator process, you can remove the process without editing

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Every process in the Dataflow Script must contain code to evaluate and handle ProcessDataFlowBlock messages, which the Dataflow Script API uses to transfer data sets from one process to the next.
  • To see the NI-developed processes included in the Dataflow Script, browse to in the SDK reference code or in the labview\vi.lib\addons\InsightCM\Devices\Shared\Application directory.

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