Handling a Qbus Message

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Edition Date: December 2018

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Parent Topic: Creating a New Process

When a process sends a Qbus message, it can optionally include a message value with the message name. If a process that receives such a message must operate on the message value, the subdiagram that corresponds to the message begins by converting the message value to its original elements and data types.

What to Use

What to Do

Modify the process VI block diagram to convert the message value to its original elements and data types. Customize the gray sections for your unique programming goals.

Returns the message value that the sending process sent with the message. The Qbus API converts the original message value to a variant, so the Receive Messages VI returns the value in that format.
Specify the names and data types of the original message-value elements so LabVIEW can convert them to the correct format.
Tip  Save this information as a type-definition control to simplify future updates to this code. In the case of clusters, you can reuse this same type definition in the sending process to bundle the elements into a cluster.
Converts the message value to the same format as the type definition.


Convert message-parsing code to a subVI to save space and allow the code to be reused in any process that handles the same message.

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