NI PXI-2510 Independent Topology

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The following figure represents the NI PXI-2510 in the independent topology.

Making a Connection

Both the scanning command, dut1->busA;, and the immediate operation, niSwitch Connect Channels VI or the niSwitch_Connect function with parameters dut1 and busA, result in the following connection:

signal connected to DUT1 is routed to busA

Note Note  The pass-through channels (chN to dutN) on the PXI-2510 are connected in its power on or reset state. The niSwitch Reset and niSwitch Disconnect All Channels VIs or niSwitch_reset and niSwitch_DisconnectAll functions will connect the pass-through channels (chN to dutN).

Special attention needs to be given to the behavior of the relays associated with the pass-through channels (k0...k67). These relays (k0...k67) are in their open state when the pass-through channels (chN to dutN) are connected and vice versa. If you intend to use the niSwitch Relay Control VI or niSwitch_RelayControl function to operate these relays, please note that closing relays (k0...k67) will disconnect the pass through channels (chN to dutN).

Because the pass-through channels (chN to dutN) are connected in its power-on or reset state, these channels may need to be disconnected during a scanning operation. In order to disconnect the channels during a scan, set the Scan Mode property to None, or the NISWITCH_ATTR_SCAN_MODE attribute to NISWITCH_VAL_NONE.


The following figure identifies the pins for the NI PXI-2510.


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