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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The NI PXI/PXIe-2532 and NI PXI/PXIe-2532B (NI 2532/2532B) are 512-crosspoint, high-density matrix switch modules for the PXI or PXI Express platform. The NI 2532/2532B are designed for switching high and low voltages.

Note Note   In MAX, both the NI PXI-2532 and NI PXI-2532B appear as "NI PXI-2532" and both the NI PXIe-2532 and NI PXIe-2532B appear as "NI PXIe-2532".
Note Note  Switching inductive loads (for example, motors and solenoids) can produce high voltage transients in excess of the module's rated voltage. Without additional protection, these transients can interfere with module operation and impact relay life. For more information about transient suppression, refer to Protecting NI Switch Products when Switching Inductive Loads.

Operation Modes

The following table lists the supported topologies of the NI 2532/2532B and possible operation modes.

TopologySoftware NameImmediate Scanning
1-Wire 4×128 Matrix2532/1-Wire 4x128 Matrix
1-Wire 8×64 Matrix2532/1-Wire 8x64 Matrix
1-Wire 16×32 Matrix2532/1-Wire 16x32 Matrix
1-Wire Dual 4×64 Matrix2532/1-Wire Dual 4x64 Matrix
1-Wire Dual 8×32 Matrix2532/1-Wire Dual 8x32 Matrix
1-Wire Dual 16×16 Matrix2532/1-Wire Dual 16x16 Matrix
1-Wire Quad 4×32 Matrix2532/1-Wire Quad 4x32 Matrix
1-Wire Sixteen 2×16 Matrix2532/1-Wire Sixteen 2x16 Matrix
2-Wire 4×64 Matrix2532/2-Wire 4x64 Matrix
2-Wire 8×32 Matrix2532/2-Wire 8x32 Matrix
2-Wire 16×16 Matrix2532/2-Wire 16x16 Matrix
2-Wire Dual 4×32 Matrix2532/2-Wire Dual 4x32 Matrix

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