NI PXI-2594/2595 4×1 Multiplexer Topology

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The following figure represents the NI PXI-2594/2595 in the 4×1 multiplexer topology.

Making a Connection

In this topology, you can connect channels by calling the niSwitch Connect Channels VI or the niSwitch_Connect function.

For example, to connect ch1 to com, call niSwitch_Connect (vi, "ch1", "com"). If you now want to connect ch2 to com, first disconnect the existing connection. The sequence of calls for this task is as follows:

niSwitch_Disconnect(vi, "ch1", "com")

niSwitch_Connect(vi, "ch2", "com")

Note  niSwitch_Disconnect(vi, "ch1", "com") does not operate the relay until the niSwitch_Connect(vi, "ch2", "com") is executed. One channel of the 4x1 multiplexer is always connected to the common channel.
Note  For an initial connection, you do not need to disconnect the default channel (ch0) from COM after the module has been reset or a call to the niSwitch Disconnect All Channels VI or the niSwitch_DisconnectAll function has been made.

When scanning the NI PXI-2594/2595, a typical scan list entry could be ch1->com;. This entry routes the signal connected to CH1 to COM.


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