NI 2834 2-Wire 8×34 Matrix Topology

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The following figure represents the NI 2834A/B (NI 2834) in the 2-Wire 8×34 Matrix Topology.

Making a Connection

The immediate operation, niSwitch Connect Channels VI or the niSwitch_Connect function with parameters card1r2 and c1, results in the following connection:

signal connected to CARD1R2W0 is routed to C1W0

signal connected to CARD1R2W1 is routed to C1W1


The following figure identifies the pins for the NI 2834.

Note Note  Dual connections separated by a slash in the format of TYPE A SIGNAL(A)/TYPE B SIGNAL(B) indicate pins that connect to a different signal depending on the card type. For example, a pin labeled AB0W0(A)/High Voltage No Connect(B) would connect to AB0 on a type A card, and would make no connection on a type B card.


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