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Edition Date: April 2015

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NI-SWITCH supports multiple module scanning for both PXI/PXI Express and SCXI switches in NI-DAQmx and NI-SWITCH.

Note Note  Some devices may not support scanning. Refer to your device book for more information about supported features.


NI recommends NI-DAQmx for multiple module switch scanning. You can access the NI-DAQmx multiple module switch scanning programming examples at <LabVIEW>\examples\DAQmx\Switches. For more information about developing a multiple module switch scanning application using NI-DAQmx, refer to the document, Multi-module Scanning with National Instruments Switches at using the info code ex797g.


To scan multiple switches using NI-SWITCH, you can write a scan list or use the programming examples. When scanning multiple switch modules, you must duplicate the NI-SWITCH programming example for each switch you want to scan.

Determining the Scanning Setup

The scanning setup is dependent on your hardware and triggering scheme. Based on your hardware and triggering scheme, choose one of the following scanning setups:

Tip  The niSwitch Multi Switch Synch Int, niSwitch Multi Switch Sync Ext, niSwitch Multi 27_28 Sync, niSwitch Multi Switch Hand Int, and niSwitch Multi Switch Hand Ext examples mentioned in the following sections are available at Click Example Code and search for "Switch Multi-Module Scanning."

PXI/PXI Express Scanning—Synchronous

PXI/PXI Express Scanning—Handshaking

SCXI Scanning—Synchronous

SCXI Scanning—Handshaking


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