NI SwitchBlock Integrated Relay Test

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The NI SwitchBlock has an integrated relay test feature that verifies the proper operation of each individual relay. When you disable the safety interlock on your NI SwitchBlock, certain rows on each card are connected together through resistors to enable integrated relay test. During an integrated relay test, different combinations of relay connections are tested to determine the condition of each relay. Integrated relay test functionality enables you to increase the long-term reliability of your test system and reduce debug time.

To perform an integrated relay test on your NI SwitchBlock, place the NI SwitchBlock in integrated relay test mode by disabling the safety interlock, then launch the NI Switch Health Center (Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI-SWITCH»NI Switch Health Center).

Note Note  You must disable the safety interlock before performing an integrated relay test. This ensures the integrated relay test signals will not cause adverse effects on your test equipment and signals, and that your signals will not interfere with the integrated relay test results. You can disable the safety interlock by either disconnecting the cable from the front of the NI SwitchBlock or by disconnecting your terminal block or custom test fixture from the other end of the cable.


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