NI SwitchBlock Switching Considerations

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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 375472H-01

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The NI SwitchBlock is a high-density, customizable, and expandable system that can operate within a PXI/PXI Express chassis and is composed of an NI SwitchBlock carrier that holds interconnectable NI SwitchBlock cards. Multiple cards can be combined in software to operate as one device, enabling customization of device topologies to fit testing needs.

Because six NI SwitchBlock cards can fit in the space occupied by four PXI modules, the NI SwitchBlock enables greater switching density per PXI slot than PXI switch modules. The integrated analog bus backplane enables clean routing of signals between the cards in a carrier. Installation of the NI 2806 expansion bridge enables connection of the analog bus between multiple carriers.

NI SwitchBlock Basics

Setting Up and Configuring the NI SwitchBlock

NI SwitchBlock Programming Considerations

NI SwitchBlock Maintenance

Programming the NI SwitchBlock in NI-SWITCH and NI-DAQmx


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