Synchronous Scanning

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Edition Date: April 2015

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NI recommends using handshaking when using NI switch and DMM products. If using other brands of hardware that do not have a trigger input, NI recommends using synchronous mode.

With synchronous scanning, the DMM takes a measurement and generates a digital pulse—the measurement complete (MC) signal. When the switch receives this digital pulse, it advances to the next entry in its scan list. The DMM takes the next measurement after a time interval. You must program the DMM interval time by configuring an Interval Sample trigger. Set the interval parameter to the time needed for the switch to activate and settle. Initiate the switch before initiating the DMM for its first measurement. The following figure represents a synchronous scanning operation.

Note Note  Some devices may not support scanning. Refer to your device book for more information about supported features.

The following figure represents a synchronous scanning timing diagram.


M = measurement

WFT = wait for trigger

S&S = switch and settle


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