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Edition Date: April 2015

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IviSwtchScanner Capability Group

C Function Prototype

ViStatus niSwitch_ConfigureScanList (ViSession vi, ViConstString scanlist, ViInt32 scanMode);


Configures the scan list and scan mode used for scanning.

Refer to Devices to determine if the switch module supports scanning.

The scan list is comprised of a list of channel connections separated by semicolons. For example, the following scan list will scan the first three channels of a multiplexer:

com0->ch0; com0->ch1; com0->ch2;

Refer to Scan Lists for more information on scan list syntax.

To see the status of the scan, call either niSwitch_IsScanning or niSwitch_WaitForScanComplete. Use the niSwitch_ConfigureScanTrigger function to configure the scan trigger. Use the niSwitch_InitiateScan function to start the scan.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession A particular NI-SWITCH session established with niSwitch_InitWithTopology, niSwitch_InitWithOptions, or niSwitch_init and used for all subsequent NI-SWITCH calls.

scanlist ViConstString The scan list to use. NI-SWITCH uses this value to set the NISWITCH_ATTR_SCAN_LIST attribute.

scanMode ViInt32 Specifies how the switch module breaks existing connections when scanning. The driver uses this value to set the NISWITCH_ATTR_SCAN_MODE attribute. Refer to scan modes for more information. The default value is NISWITCH_VAL_BREAK_BEFORE_MAKE.

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