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Edition Date: April 2015

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C Function Prototype

ViStatus niSwitch_DisconnectMultiple (ViSession vi, ViConstString disconnectionList);


Breaks the connections between channels specified in disconnection list. If no connections exist between channels, NI-SWITCH returns an error. In the event of an error, the VI stops at the point in the list where the error occurred.

If a path is not available, the function returns the following error:

  • NISWITCH_ERROR_NO_SUCH_PATH, if a path does not exist between two channels.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession A particular NI-SWITCH session established with niSwitch_InitWithTopology, niSwitch_InitWithOptions, or niSwitch_init and used for all subsequent NI-SWITCH calls.

disconnectionList ViConstString Disconnection list specifies a list of connections between channels to break. NI-SWITCH validates the disconnection list, and aborts execution of the list if errors are returned. Refer to Connection and Disconnection list Syntax for valid connection list syntax and examples. Refer to Devices for valid channel names for the switch module.

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