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Specific Function

C Function Prototype

ViStatus niSwitch_ResetInterchangeCheck (ViSession vi);


When developing a complex test system that consists of multiple test modules, it is generally a good idea to design the test modules so that they can run in any order. To do so, ensure that each test module completely configures the state of each instrument it uses. If a particular test module does not completely configure the state of an instrument, the instrument state depends on the configuration from a previously executed test module. Therefore, if you execute the test modules in a different order, the behavior of the instrument and therefore the entire test module is likely to change. This behavior change is generally instrument specific and represents an interchangeability problem.

You can use this function to test for such cases. After you call this function, the interchangeability checking algorithms in the specific driver ignore all previous configuration operations. By calling this function at the beginning of a test module, you can determine whether the test module has dependencies on the operation of previously executed test modules. This function does not clear the interchangeability warnings from the list of previously recorded interchangeability warnings. If you want to guarantee that the niSwitch_GetNextInterchangeWarning function only returns those interchangeability warnings that are generated after calling this function, you must clear the list of interchangeability warnings by repeatedly calling the niSwitch_GetNextInterchangeWarning function until no interchangeability warnings are returned. If you are not interested in the content of those warnings, you can call the niSwitch_ClearInterchangeWarnings function.


Name Type Description
vi ViSession A particular NI-SWITCH session established with niSwitch_InitWithTopology, niSwitch_InitWithOptions, or niSwitch_init and used for all subsequent NI-SWITCH calls.

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