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Use the VIs on the NI-SWITCH palette to build the block diagram.

Palette Object Description
niSwitch Initialize With Topology VI

Returns a session handle used to identify the switch module in all subsequent instrument driver calls and sets the topology of the switch module.

niSwitch Close VI

Terminates the NI-SWITCH session and all of its attributes and deallocates any memory resources the driver uses.

niSwitch Connect Channels VI

Creates connections between channels.

niSwitch Disconnect Channels VI

Breaks connections between channels.

niSwitch Wait For Debounce VI

Pauses until all created paths have settled. Call this VI before the niSwitch Get Relay Count VI to ensure an accurate relay count.

niSwitch Set Path VI

Connects two channels by specifying an explicit path in the path list parameter. This VI is useful where path repeatability is important, such as in calibrated signal paths. If path repeatability is not necessary, use the niSwitch Connect Channels VI.

To obtain the exact path for a given connection, use the niSwitch Get Path VI.

niSwitch Can Connect Channels VI

Verifies that a path between channel 1 and channel 2 can be created.

If a path is possible in the switch module, the availability of that path is returned given the existing connections. If the path is possible but in use, an Implicit Connection Exists warning is returned.

niSwitch Disconnect All Channels VI

Breaks all existing paths.

If the switch module cannot break all paths, a warning is returned. If an error in parameter describes an error that occurred before the call to this VI, NI-SWITCH still attempts to break all connections and returns the error information that was passed in from error in.

Relays closed with the niSwitch Relay Control VI are also disconnected.

niSwitch Switch Is Debounced VI

Indicates whether all created paths have settled by returning the value of the Is Debounced property.

niSwitch Get Path VI

Returns a string that identifies the explicit path created with the niSwitch Connect Channels VI. Pass this string to the niSwitch Set Path VI to establish the exact same path in future connections.

Subpalette Description

Use the NI-SWITCH scan VIs to configure a scan of an NI switch.


Use the NI-SWITCH relay VIs to control and query individual relays of an NI switch.


Use the NI-SWITCH utility VIs to exercise additional features of an NI switch.

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