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Edition Date: April 2015

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Owning Palette: NI-SWITCH VIs

Use the NI-SWITCH scan VIs to configure a scan of an NI switch.

Palette Object Description
niSwitch Initiate Scan VI

Commits the configured scan list and trigger settings to hardware and initiates the scan. If the niSwitch Commit VI was called earlier, niSwitch Initiate Scan only initiates the scan and returns immediately.

Once the scanning operation begins, you cannot perform any operations other than the niSwitch Abort Scan VI or the niSwitch Send Software Trigger VI, as well as retrieval of attributes. All other VIs return a Scan In Progress error.

To stop the scanning operation, call the niSwitch Abort Scan VI.

niSwitch Abort Scan VI

Aborts the scan in progress. Use the niSwitch Initiate Scan VI to initiate an aborted scan.

If the switch module is not scanning, a No Scan In Progress error is returned.

If error in describes an error that had occurred before calling this VI, the VI still attempts to abort the scan. However, if the attempt fails, the VI returns the error information that was passed in from the error in parameter.

niSwitch Send Software Trigger VI

Sends a software trigger to the switch module specified in the NI-SWITCH session.

niSwitch Wait For Scan To Complete VI

Pauses until the switch module stops scanning or the maximum time has elapsed and returns a timeout error.

niSwitch Switch Is Scanning VI

Indicates the status of the scan.

niSwitch Configure Scan List VI

Configures the scan list and scan mode used for scanning.

niSwitch Configure Scan Trigger VI

Configures the scan triggers for the scan list established with the niSwitch Configure Scan List VI.

Refer to Devices to determine if the switch module supports scanning.

This VI sets the location where the switch expects to receive an input trigger to advance through the scan list. This VI also sets the location where it generates a scan advanced signal after it completes an entry in the scan list.

niSwitch Set Continuous Scan VI

Sets the switch to loop continuously through the scan list or to stop scanning after one pass through the scan list.

niSwitch Commit VI

Downloads the configured scan list and trigger settings to hardware.

niSwitch Route Trigger Input VI

Routes the input trigger from the front or rear connector to a trigger bus line (TTLx). To disconnect the route, call this VI again and select None for the trigger input bus line parameter.

niSwitch Route Scan Advanced Output VI

Routes the scan advanced output trigger from a trigger bus line (TTLx) to the front or rear connector.


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