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Edition Date: February 2017
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Many components have parameters which you can use to customize the simulation model of the component. The component parameters are displayed in the Value tab of the component’s properties dialog.

The following figure shows component parameters using numeric constants, circuit parameters, and expressions.

Most of the component parameters are entered into text boxes. These fields support both numeric constants as well as mathematical expressions consisting of numeric constants, various functions and operators, and circuit parameters. Use of circuit parameters (as shown by vos and td in the screenshot above) can be particularly powerful as this allows the component parameter to be controlled externally.

  The prefixes in the dialog are case sensitive and therefore “M” means Mega and “m” means milli. This is contrary to SPICE syntax, which is not case-sensitive and interprets both “m” and “M” as milli.

  An expression may not reference voltages or currents, unless the component parameter, such as the Voltage value of the ABM_VOLTAGE component, explicitly allows it.


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