Coupled (Mutual) Inductor

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Edition Date: February 2017
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Coupled inductor instance declaration syntax:

Kxxxx Lname1 Lname2 <Lname3 <LnameN>>

Coupled inductor instance declaration parameters:

Parameter Name
Parameter Description
Mutual inductance coupling coefficient (0.0 to 1.0).
Name of Nth coupled inductor.


This device is used to introduce mutual inductance between inductors. Each inductor listed on the instance statement of this device is coupled to each of the other inductors specified on the instance statement. The mutual inductance between any two inductors is given by:

Thus, in a set of inductors L1,L2,L3…LN, the voltage across inductor L1 is given by:

Positive current is referenced as current flowing into the positive node of the inductor (the first node in the inductor's instance line).


L1 1 0 1m
L2 77 0 2m
L3 88 0 5m
K1 L1 L2 L3 0.99


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