Creating a Ladder Diagram

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This section describes the steps required to make a simple Ladder Diagram.

It shows how to build the Ladder Diagram that is used in the AND Rungs and OR Rungs section.

Notes about the above design:

  • The relays (X1-X4) are normally open relays. When their controlling coils (M1or M2) are energized they close. The controlling coils are set in the Value tab of each relay’s properties dialog box.
  • Both X1 AND X2 must be closed for the lamp in the AND rung (X5) to light up.
  • Either X3 OR X4 must be closed for the lamp in the OR rung (X6) to light up.
  • Coil M1 controls the relays with M1 as their reference. (X1 and X3).
  • Coil M2 controls the relays with M2 as their reference. (X2 and X4).
  • Use keys 1 and 2 on your keyboard to open and close switches J1 and J2, or hover your cursor over the desired switch and click on the button that appears.

Complete the following steps to add the diagram’s rungs:

  1. Select Place»Place ladder rungs. The cursor appears with the rung’s left and right terminators attached.

  2. Click to place the first rung and continue clicking and placing until you have placed four rungs as shown below.

  3. Right-click to stop placing rungs.

Complete the following steps to add components to the rungs:

  1. Select Place»Component, navigate to the Normally Open Relay Contact (RELAY_CONTACT_NO) and click OK.
  2.   This component is found in the Ladder_Diagrams Group, LADDER_CONTACTS Family.

  3. Drop the relay contact directly onto the first rung.

  4. Continue in this manner until all relay contacts have been placed. X4 must be placed and then wired separately.

  5. Place the 120V_100W lamps (Indicators Group, LAMP Family).

  6. Place RELAY_COILs M1 and M2 on the third and fourth rungs (Ladder_Diagrams Group, LADDER_RELAY_COILS Family).

  7. Place SPST switches J1 and J2 (Basic Group, SWITCH Family).
  8. Double-click on each switch, select the Value tab, and change the Key for toggle for J1 to 1 and the Key for toggle for J2 to 2.

Complete the following steps to change the controlling device reference for X2 and X4:

  1. Double-click on X2 and click the Value tab.
  2. Enter M2 in the Coil reference field and click OK.
  3. Repeat for X4.
  4. The completed Ladder Diagram appears as shown below.

This topic refers to education-specific features of Multisim.


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