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Edition Date: February 2017
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Multisim lets you control many simulation engine parameters, such as convergence tolerances and numerical integration techniques. This section describes these options, which are found in the Custom Analysis Options dialogs of each analysis.

Complete the following steps to access the Custom Analysis Options dialog:

  1. Open the dialog box for the analysis you are running from Simulate»Analyses».
  2. Select the Analysis options tab.
  3. Select Use custom settings and click Customize.
  4. The Custom Analyses Options dialog box displays.

Each analysis maintains its own options settings. It is important that you apply the options to the analysis which you are carrying out. For example, if you are running Transient Analysis, ensure that you access the options using the Customize button in the Transient Analysis dialog box’s Analysis options tab.

If you are running interactive simulation (that is, using the Run button to start simulation), the Custom Analysis Options dialog must be accessed through the Interactive Simulation Settings dialog, found under Simulate»Interactive simulation settings.

Before adjusting the analysis options, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of simulation described in the Simulation Methods section. It is also recommend that you read the Convergence section for advice on which options to adjust in case of non-convergence.

The Default columns in the tables in the following sections indicate the setting for the option when the corresponding ON checkbox is unchecked.


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