Enabling NI ELVIS II Schematic Instruments for Interactive Simulation

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Edition Date: February 2017
Part Number: 375482B-01
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NI ELVISmx instruments on the NI ELVIS II schematic can be enabled or disabled for interactive simulation on an individual basis. Each enabled instrument consumes system resources, so setting unused instruments to disabled improves simulation speed.

When an NI ELVISmx instrument is disabled, a small red “X” appears next to the upper-right corner of the instrument icon on the schematic, as shown in the figure below (1). By default, all instruments in a new NI ELVIS II schematic begin as disabled.

  NI ELVISmx instruments that are placed directly onto a workspace from the NI ELVISmx Instruments toolbar cannot be disabled for simulation.

NI ELVISmx instruments' enabled state for interactive simulation may be modified in any one of three ways:

  • Double-click on a disabled instrument to display its front panel. If simulation is running, a warning displays advising you to stop simulation before you enable the instrument.
  • Right-click on the instrument to display a context menu that includes the item NI ELVIS II instrument enabled in simulation. Select this menu item to toggle its check mark and switch the instrument from enabled to disabled and back again. This command is unavailable during simulation.
  • Select Simulate»NI ELVIS II simulation settings to display the NI ELVIS II Simulation Settings dialog box. This lists the NI ELVIS instruments on the rails and platform control panel, with a check box next to each one. Check/uncheck the instrument name to enable/disable the instrument on the schematic. This menu item is disabled during simulation.
  •   This menu item is only active when an NI ELVIS II schematic is selected as the active workspace.

After enabling the desired instruments, run the simulation in the usual manner.

This topic refers to education-specific features of Multisim.


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