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Edition Date: February 2017
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Use this component to introduce mutual inductance between inductors.

  This component does not get wired into the circuit.

The mutual inductance between any two inductors, L1 and L2, is defined by:

where k is the coupling coefficient.

Thus, in a set of inductors L1,L2,L3…LN, the voltage across inductor L1 is defined by:

The Value tab in this component’s properties dialog box contains the following:

Coupled inductors list: (Comma separated)
A comma-separated list of the inductors you wish to couple. You must use the Reference Designators of the inductors exactly as they appear on the schematic.
The referenced inductor component must be explicitly placed on the schematic. It cannot refer to an inductor inside a model or SPICE netlist. All inductors in the INDUCTOR Family under the Basic Group are applicable.
Coupling coefficient (0 to 1)
The degree of coupling between the inductors listed in Coupled Inductors List (1 = 100%).



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