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Restrictions are useful in a number of ways:

  • when you are designing circuits for demonstration purposes and want to limit the functionality available to students
  • when you are sharing designs with students and want to:
    • prevent them from being able to edit the design in any way
    • limit the types of modifications they can make to a design
    • limit the types of analyses they can perform on it
    • limit the information they can see about certain components of the design (for example, the value of a resistor you want them to calculate).

You can set global-level restrictions, which become default Multisim settings, or circuit-level restrictions, which affect only specific designs.

To ensure that only you can set or modify restrictions, you can use passwords which can protect both global and circuit restrictions. It is important that you set passwords immediately when using restrictions that you want to keep secure against any modification by students. The password for global restrictions is encrypted and stored in the Multisim program file. The password for circuit restrictions (for restricting only a particular design) is encrypted and stored in the design file.

This topic refers to education-specific features of Multisim.


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