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Edition Date: February 2017
Part Number: 375482B-01
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The NI ELVIS Dynamic Signal Analyzer computes and displays the RMS averaged power spectrum of a single channel. A variety of windowing and averaging modes can be applied to the signal. It also detects the peak frequency component and estimates the actual frequency and power.

In NI ELVIS II schematics, this instrument’s icon is located in the NI ELVIS II Platform Control Panel Scope Section of the NI ELVIS II schematic, as shown in the figure below (1).

Complete the following step to connect the instrument:

  1. Place wires from the desired points in your schematic to the pins on the NI ELVIS II Platform Control Panel Scope Section described below:
    • TRIG—Trigger input.
    • CH 0 + —Positive input of channel 0.
    • CH 0 - —Negative input of channel 0.
    •   CH 1 + and CH 1 - are not used for this device.

Complete the following steps to access the front panel:

  1. Double-click the instrument’s icon, shown in the figure above (1). The front panel appears.
  2. Change the settings in the front panel as desired.

Complete the following steps to place this instrument directly onto any Multisim workspace:

  1. Select Simulate»Instruments»NI ELVISmx instruments»NI ELVISmx Dynamic Signal Analyzer.
  2. Click to place the instrument icon in the desired location on the workspace.
  3. Wire in the same manner as any other Multisim instrument.
  4.   You can also use the NI ELVISmx Instruments toolbar to place this instrument.

For information about using this instrument, click the Help button on its front panel to display the NI ELVISmx Help.

This topic refers to education-specific features of Multisim.


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