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Edition Date: February 2017
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The magnetic relay can be used as a normally open or normally closed relay. It is activated when the current in the energizing circuit (attached to P1, P2) exceeds the value of the switch-on current (Ion). During operation, the contact switches from the normally closed terminals (S1, S3) to the normally open terminals (S1, S2). The relay will remain on as long as the current in the circuit is greater than the holding current (Ihd). The value of Ihd must be less than that of Ion.

The magnetic relay is a coil with a specified inductance (Lc, in henrys) that causes a contact to open or close when a specified current (Ion, in A) charges it.

The contact remains in the same position until the current falls below the holding value (Ihd, in A), at which point it returns to its original position.


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