Creating a Component Model Using the Model Makers

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Edition Date: February 2017
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Model Makers automatically generate simulation models when you give them databook values as input. Model Makers will save you time and effort but do require experience for you to become proficient with them. You do not need to be familiar with SPICE to use the Model Makers.

For each Model Maker, preset values are provided for a specific model. However, you can select numerical values based on the component you are interested in, using data from a databook.

When working with databooks, note that different databooks provide parameters for a component in different ways. While some information is given numerically in tables or lists for a specific operating point, other information is given in the form of a chart or graph. Both types of information are required by Multisim’s Model Makers. In the case of tables or lists, you will need to enter the operating point and the value that you want. In the case of charts or graphs, the way you select the points from the appropriate curves will have an impact on the accuracy of the parameters of the final model.

  The information provided by databooks is usually the same from one manufacturer to another, even though the names or labels and descriptions of parameters are different.


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