Manually Adding or Updating Entries in a .licx File

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Microsoft .NET Framework language compilers embed Measurement Studio licenses into your assembly every time you build an assembly that references a Measurement Studio licensed class library. The compilers use License Compiler ( Lc.exe) to do this. The input to License Compiler is a licenses.licx file that contains a list of licensed types and the assemblies that contain these licensed types. At compile time, License Compiler obtains licenses from Measurement Studio, which the .NET language compiler embeds into the assembly as a resource.

License Compiler uses information in the project .licx file to determine what components require licenses. If you have not installed Measurement Studio Visual Studio-integrated tools, you must manually create and update the .licx file in order to compile your project.

Note Note   If you have a compile-only license, you typically obtain a .licx file from someone in your organization who has a development license.

Each line in the .licx file contains the licensed class name, the assembly name, the version of the assembly, the culture of the assembly, and the public key token of the assembly. You must update the Version and the PublicKeyToken before you use this information in the licenses.licx file for your application.

To update the Version value and PublicKeyToken for each Measurement Studio assembly, complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the assembly name for each line.
  2. Navigate to the Current folder to locate the assembly. By default, the Current folder installs to Program Files\National Instruments\<MeasurementStudio>\DotNET\Assemblies\Current.
  3. Right-click the assembly, then select Properties.
  4. Select the Version tab.
  5. Manually update the Version in the licenses.licx file to this value.
  6. Use the .NET Framework too, sn.exe, to determine the PublicKeyToken for your version of the Measurement Studio assemblies. Paste this PublicKeyToken value into the licenses.licx file for your project.


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