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Edition Date: May 2019

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With NI Volume License Manager (NI VLM), you can store all of your licenses in a single utility designed to help you track the licenses you own, prevent your licenses from being lost, and maximize the use of your existing licenses. For example, if someone with a license managed by NI VLM stops using the software, the license does not get lost-you can transfer that license to a new user. If you had not tracked the license with NI VLM and it was lost, you would have to purchase a new license for a new user. This is an alternative to activating licenses on individual machines.

In addition to transferring licenses, you can use NI VLM and a combination of NI licensing options to optimize your existing licenses. For example, if you have one person who uses up to three computers, you may want to switch from a computer-based license to a named user license.

The computer that hosts NI VLM is referred to as the license server and the end-users' computers are referred to as the client computers. NI VLM is hosted on the server computer and is operated by the license administrator who is designated as the main contact for that company's licenses. The client computers are configured to check for permission from NI VLM before launching the software.

Note Note   If you are using NI Volume License Manager and you are experiencing invalid license behavior, contact your volume license administrator.

Concurrent Licensing

Using concurrent licensing as part of a volume licensing agreement provides the ability to use a set number of licenses for an unlimited number of users by allowing users to check a license only as needed.

If you receive an InvalidLicensingError while using concurrent licensing, it could mean that there are no more licenses available to check out. Verify the number of available licenses in NI License Manager or talk to your VLA administrator if you encounter this issue.


If you have a Measurement Studio concurrent license checked out from a VLM server, a COM server application, NationalInstruments.MStudioCLM.exe, will run in the background on your development machine to keep your license active.

The NationalInstruments.MStudioCLM.exe process exits when you have not performed an operation that requires a license check for at least two hours. This prevents the process from running when it is not needed. NationalInstruments.MStudioCLM.exe starts again the next time you check out a concurrent license.

License Caching

Measurement Studio supports license caching, which allows you to locally save the current state of a volume license. Using the cached license optimizes license checking so that a network call to NI VLM is not performed each time a license check is needed. Measurement Studio creates local temporary files to store the license cache, which must be renewed each day. This is different than a temporary license, described below, which requires a connection to the NI VLM server every 14 days to remain valid.

Temporary Licensing

NI Volume License Manager supports temporary licenses. A temporary license allows you to utilize a licensed feature, but you must reconnect to NI Volume License Manager within 14 days to refresh your license.

Note Note   Temporary licenses are created by NI License Manager if you lose your connection to your NI VLM server. You must already have a valid license from NI VLM to utilize a temporary license.


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