NationalInstruments.NetworkVariable Namespace

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Use the Network Variable class library to transfer live measurement data between applications over the network. You can find sample applications in the NetworkVariable Example folder.


BindingStatusUpdatedEventArgs<(Of <(TBinding>)>) Provides data for binding updated events.
Browser Provides methods to discover information about what network variable items are available on the network.
BrowserItem Represents a network variable item.
ConnectCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the ConnectCompleted event.
ConnectionFailedEventArgs Provides information when a data source connection fails.
DataUpdatedEventArgs<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides data for the DataUpdated event.
GetSubitemsCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the GetSubitemsCompleted event.
NetworkVariableBindingBase Provides an abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) base class for bindings.
NetworkVariableBindingType Represents the data type of the property you are binding to.
NetworkVariableBufferedSubscriber<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides a way to read network variable data from a client side buffer.
NetworkVariableBufferedWriter<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides a way to write network variable data to a client side buffer.
NetworkVariableData<(Of <(TValue>)>) Encapsulates the raw data value.
NetworkVariableException Represents an error code received from the underlying driver.
NetworkVariableManager Provides an abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) base class for all network variable reader and writer functionality.
NetworkVariableReader<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides a way to read network variable data on demand.
NetworkVariableStringConverter Provides methods that assist with reading and writing String values that contain characters that are not supported by NationalInstruments.NetworkVariable.
NetworkVariableSubscriber<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides a way to subscribe to network variable data and receive update notifications.
NetworkVariableWriter<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides a way to write network variable data on demand.
ReadDataCompletedEventArgs<(Of <(TValue>)>) Provides data for the ReadDataCompleted event.
ReadFailedEventArgs<(Of <(TBinding>)>) Provides data when a data source read fails.

Provides methods to create, manipulate, and examine the properties of network variable processes.

ServerProcessInfo Represents a network variable process and provides methods for creating, deleting, and manipulating the process.
ServerVariable Defines methods to create and configure network variables.
ServerVariableInfo Represents a network variable and provides methods to create, delete, and configure the variable.
VariableCreationOptions Represents information needed to create and configure a network variable.
WriteCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the WriteCompleted event.
WriteFailedEventArgs<(Of <(TBinding>)>) Provides data when a data source write fails.


BindingConnectionBehavior Specifies the behavior of a Windows Forms NetworkVariableBinding when it connects to a network variable for the first time.
BrowserItemType Specifies the type of network variable item that a BrowserItem represents.
BufferedSubscriberDataStatus Defines the buffer status when you read a NetworkVariableData<(Of <(TValue>)>) item from the buffer.
ConnectionStatus Specifies the status of a network connection.
NetworkVariableBindingMode Specifies whether binding to a network variable is one way or two way.
NetworkVariableDataQualities Specifies quality values.
ReadFailureCause Specifies the cause of the read failure.
SubscriberConnectionBehavior Specifies the connection behavior of a NetworkVariableSubscriber<(Of <(TValue>)>).
WriteFailureCause Specifies the cause of the write failure.


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