NationalInstruments.NetworkVariable.WindowsForms Namespace

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Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 375857B-01

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Provides network variable functionality specific to Windows Forms controls, such as binding network variables to Windows Forms controls. Refer to Using the Measurement Studio Network Variable .NET Library, Key Measurement Studio Network Variable .NET Library Features, or Creating Measurement Studio Projects for more information. You can find sample applications in the Network Variable Example folder.


BeforeTypeToolTipEventArgs Provides a way to customize the text displayed in the tooltip.
NetworkVariableBinding Represents the information required to manage the connection to a single network variable. The binding also provides information about the current status of the network variable connection.
NetworkVariableBindingCollection Represents a strongly-typed collection of NetworkVariableBinding objects.
NetworkVariableBrowserDialog Prompts the user to select a network variable location on the network.
NetworkVariableDataSource Represents a set of connections to network variables that can be bound to Windows Forms controls.


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