Command: WfChnToChn

DIAdem 2018ヘルプ

発行年月: 2018年6月
製品番号: 370858P-0112

ダウンロード (Windowsのみ)

DIAdem 2017 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2018 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2019 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 SP1 ヘルプ

Converts waveform channels into channel pairs of x-channels and y-channels.

Call WfChnToChn(ChnList, [KeepWfProperties], [WfXStartTimeMode])

Input Parameters

ChnList Specifies one or more channels.
Channel list variable

A channel list is a Channel or Channel list object, or a text that refers to one or several channels. For more information about the value range, refer to Channel lists.

[KeepWfProperties] Specifies whether DIAdem maintains the waveform properties during this operation. The default value is FALSE and specifies that DIAdem does not maintain the waveform properties.
[WfXStartTimeMode] Specifies the type of time reference when converting numeric channels to waveform channels, and whether DIAdem considers the waveform start time when converting waveform channels to numeric channels or when generating a channel from the x-part of a waveform channel.
Enumeration variable
Enumeration variable with the following selection terms
Script Term Interface Term, Explanation
Relative time reference
Absolute time reference
If you convert numeric channels to waveform channels, the WfXStartTimeMode variable specifies whether DIAdem generates waveforms with relative or absolute time reference. For absolute time reference, the x-channel must be a DIAdem time channel. If you convert waveform channels to numeric channels, the WfXStartTimeMode variable specifies whether DIAdem considers the waveform start time. If you consider the start time (absolute time reference), DIAdem generates a time channel, otherwise DIAdem generates a numeric channel (relative time reference).

If waveform channels are located consecutively in a group in the Data Portal, and if they have the same x-part, DIAdem creates one common x-channel for these channels. The return vector contains this x-channel for every waveform channel in the channel list. Therefore, the returned vector contains the same number of elements as DIAdem has converted waveform channels.

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