Object: Display

DIAdem 2018ヘルプ

発行年月: 2018年6月
製品番号: 370858P-0112

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DIAdem 2017 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2018 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2019 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 SP1 ヘルプ

The Display object provides the methods and properties of the DIAdem NAVIGATOR interface. You can use the object Display for the DataFinder and for data stores.

The following example determines the current search object. If the example runs a quick search, the example displays the search text:

Dim oMyCurrDataProvider, oMyQuery
Set oMyCurrDataProvider = Navigator.Display.CurrDataFinder
Set oMyQuery = oMyCurrDataProvider.QueryForm.GetCurrQuery
If (oMyQuery.IsKindOf(eTextQuery)) Then
   Call MsgBoxDisp(oMyQuery.Text)
   Call MsgBoxDisp("Advanced Query")
End If
Note In addition to the properties CurrDataFinder and CurrDataStore of the Display object, there is the property CurrDataProvider, which returns the CurrDataProvider object. Use CurrDataProvider if it is not clear which object it is. Use the IsKindOf method to specify the object type.

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