Collection: FreeElementList <DataFinder>

DIAdem 2018ヘルプ

発行年月: 2018年6月
製品番号: 370858P-0112

ダウンロード (Windowsのみ)

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DIAdem 2018 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2019 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 SP1 ヘルプ

Creates in the object-oriented script interface of DIAdem NAVIGATOR a collection of elements. Use the FreeElementList collection to access channels, channel groups, or the root of a DataFinder. You can add elements to the collection or remove elements from the collection. The data in DIAdem NAVIGATOR remains unchanged. Each element of the ElementList collection is an Element <DataFinder>.

The following example executes a search, adds the search results to an elements list, and loads the elements from the list into the Data Portal:

Dim oMyDataFinder, oMyQuery, oMyConditions, oMyResults, oMyElementList, Element, Output
Call Data.Root.Clear()
Set oMyDataFinder = Navigator.ConnectDataFinder("My DataFinder")
Set oMyQuery = oMyDataFinder.CreateQuery(eAdvancedQuery)
Set oMyConditions = oMyQuery.Conditions
Call oMyConditions.Add(eSearchFile,"fileName","=","Brake*")
Call oMyDataFinder.SearchElements(oMyQuery)
Set oMyResults = oMyDataFinder.ResultsElements
Set oMyElementList = oMyDataFinder.CreateElementList
Call oMyElementList.AddElementlist(oMyResults)
For Each Element in oMyElementList
  Output = Output & Element.Name & vbCrLf
Call MsgBoxDisp(Output)
Call Navigator.LoadData(oMyElementList)