Property: CurrDataFinder for Display

DIAdem 2018ヘルプ

発行年月: 2018年6月
製品番号: 370858P-0112

ダウンロード (Windowsのみ)

DIAdem 2017 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2018 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2019 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 ヘルプ
DIAdem 2020 SP1 ヘルプ

Returns the current DataFinder. To do so a DataFinder must be open in DIAdem NAVIGATOR.

Set oDataFinderDisplay = Object.CurrDataFinder
Object with this property
Returned object

The following example displays the name of the current DataFinder:

Dim oMyDataFinder
Set oMyDataFinder = Navigator.Display.CurrDataFinder
Call MsgBoxDisp(oMyDataFinder.Name)

The following example determines whether a DataFinder is already open. If no DataFinder is open, the example opens the My DataFinder DataFinder:

If Navigator.Display.CurrDataFinder is Nothing Then
  Navigator.Display.OpenDataFinder("My DataFinder")
End If