Investigate Previous Internal Error or Warning Window

LabVIEW 2018ヘルプ

発行年月: 2018年3月
製品番号: 371361R-0112

ダウンロード (Windowsのみ)

LabVIEW 2016ヘルプ
LabVIEW 2017ヘルプ
LabVIEW 2018ヘルプ
LabVIEW 2019ヘルプ
LabVIEW 2020ヘルプ

インストールパッケージ: ベース開発システム (Linux, macOS)

This window appears when you start LabVIEW after an internal LabVIEW error, such as panel.cpp, line 2978, occurs.

Use this window to investigate internal LabVIEW errors when you start LabVIEW after a LabVIEW error occurs. Use the Investigate Internal Error window to investigate internal LabVIEW errors at any time.

This window includes the following components:

  • Investigate internal error now—Prompts you to send the error information to the National Instruments website. When you send the error information, LabVIEW displays the website in the default Web browser. The form that appears in the browser contains the error information so you can search for possible causes of the error. If you do not find any possible causes, you can submit the log file with a support request.
  • Investigate later—Saves the log file that contains the error information in the lvfailurelog subdirectory of the default data directory so you can investigate the error at a later time using the Investigate Internal Error window.
  • Do not investigate—Discards the error information and continues launching LabVIEW.
  • Do not prompt to investigate internal errors on startup—Disables this window so it does not appear when you start LabVIEW after an internal LabVIEW error occurs.