Security Page (Properties Dialog Box)

LabVIEW 2018ヘルプ

発行年月: 2018年3月
製品番号: 371361R-0112

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LabVIEW 2018ヘルプ
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インストールパッケージ: DSCモジュール

Use this page to configure security for front panel controls and indicators.

This page includes the following components:

Note  Some of the components in this list do not apply to all objects.
  • Access Control List (ACL)—Displays the access rights granted to specific users and groups. If a user and a group that the user is a member of both appear in the list, LabVIEW uses the setting granting the greatest level of access.
    Tip  An empty user and group list indicates all users have access rights.
  • Add—Launches the Add New User/Group/Host dialog box, in which you can select a domain, host, user, and group. You define the domain, host, user, and group in the Domain Account Manager.
  • Remove—Removes the currently selected user or group from the Access Control List (ACL).
  • Access—Specifies the access rights of the user or group selected in the Access Control List (ACL).
    • Full Access—The selected user or group can view and interact with the front panel object.
    • Disabled (View Only)—The selected user or group is able to view the object on the front panel but cannot interact with it.
    • Disabled & Grayed Out—The front panel object is grayed out, and the user or group cannot interact with it.
    • No Access (Hidden)—The front panel object does not appear on the front panel.