Support for MathScript Functions in Real-Time Applications (MathScript RT Module)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT模块帮助

版本日期:June 2012



Requires: MathScript RT Module

You can deploy MathScript Nodes with built-in MathScript functions to RT targets. However, certain functions are unsupported on RT targets or supported only under certain conditions. Also, although you can deploy certain functions to RT targets, execution of those functions at run time can cause increased jitter and unbounded execution times in the real-time application. Refer to the following lists for information about support for MathScript functions on RT targets.

Functions Not Supported on RT Targets

The following MathScript functions are not supported on RT targets.

Function Class
addpath support
area plots
axes plots
axis plots
bar plots
bar3d plots
bar3dhoriz plots
barhoriz plots
beep audio
break programming
cd support
clear commands
clfig plots
clgraph plots
colormap plots
colormapplot plots
compass plots
continue programming
contour plots
contour3d plots
contouris plots
datescale plots
delete support
dos support
errorbar plots
eval basic
evalscript basic
exist membership
eyediagram plots
feather plots
figure plots
fill plots
fwrite_xls support
global support
grid plots
help support
image plots
imagescaled plots
is_global membership
legend plots
line plots
loaddialog support
loglog plots
lookfor support
menu support
mesh plots
meshcontour plots
odepset ode
pareto plots
path support
pathremove support
pause commands
pie plots
plot plots
plot3d plots
plotcoord plots
plotf plots
plotf_3d plots
plotf_contour plots
plotf_contouris plots
plotf_mesh plots
plotf_meshcontour plots
plotf_polar plots
plotf_surf plots
plotf_surfcontour plots
plotmatrix plots
plottext plots
plotyy plots
polar plots
print plots
quiver plots
ref_plotarea plots
ref_plotwin plots
return programming
save support
scatter plots
scatter3d plots
selectdata plots
semilog_x plots
semilog_y plots
showplot plots
sound audio
soundscaled audio
stairs plots
stem plots
stem3d plots
str_to_double string
str_to_num string
stripplot plots
subplot plots
surface plots
surfacecontour plots
surfacenorm plots
system support
text plots
title plots
titles plots
treeplot plots
userpath support
view plots
view_image plots
voronoi geometry
waitforbuttonpress commands
waterfall plots
wavplay audio
wavread audio
wavrecord audio
wavwrite audio
who support
who_all support
xlabel plots
xlabels plots
xlimit plots
ylabel plots
ylabels plots
ylimit plots
zlabel plots
zlimit plots
zoom plots
zplane filter design

Functions That Generate Unsupported Plots

RT targets support the following MathScript functions only when you assign the output of the function to a variable. For example, a = coherence(x, y) is supported on RT targets. However, coherence(x, y) is not supported, because when you call the function without assigning the output to a variable, LabVIEW generates an output plot that RT targets do not support. You can use these functions on RT targets only if you assign the output of the function to a MathScript variable.

Function Class
coherence spectral analysis
coherence_ms spectral analysis
crosspsd spectral analysis
crosssd spectral analysis
cylinder geometry
dimpulse modeling and prediction
dlsim modeling and prediction
dstep modeling and prediction
ellipsoid geometry
freqsd filter design
freqzd filter design
grpdelay filter design
histogram statistics
impzd filter design
movavg statistics
ode_adams ode
ode_bdf15 ode
ode_bdf23 ode
ode_radau5 ode
ode_rk23 ode
ode_rk45 ode
ode_rosen ode
peakfcn2d matrix
phasedelay filter design
phasezd filter design
psd spectral analysis
psd_burg spectral analysis
psd_covar spectral analysis
psd_mcovar spectral analysis
psd_periodogram spectral analysis
psd_welch spectral analysis
psd_yule spectral analysis
pspec_eign spectral analysis
pspec_music spectral analysis
spectrogram spectral analysis
sphere geometry
stepzd filter design
tf_estimate spectral analysis
tf_estimateplot spectral analysis
zerophase filter design

Functions Suitable for Real-Time Applications

National Instruments has tested a subset of MathScript functions and found that the following functions typically execute in a bounded amount of time when used according to certain guidelines. When determinism in your application is important, use these functions and ensure inputs to the functions are of the data types recommended in the help topic for each function so LabVIEW does not coerce the input values.

Function Class
abs basic
acos trigonometric
acosh trigonometric
acot trigonometric
acsc trigonometric
acsch trigonometric
all boolean
angle basicfilter design
any boolean
asec trigonometric
asech trigonometric
asin trigonometric
asinh trigonometric
atan trigonometric
atan2 trigonometric
atanh trigonometric
bitnot bitwise
bitor bitwise
bitxor bitwise
cart_to_polar basic
ceil basic
complex support
conjugate basic
cos trigonometric
cosh trigonometric
cot trigonometric
coth trigonometric
crosscorr spectral analysisstatistics
csc trigonometric
csch trigonometric
diag linalgebra
dot vector
double support
eps constants
exp basic
expm1 basic
eye matrix
false matrix
fft transforms
findnz linalgebra
fix basic
floor basic
imag basic
inf constants
int16 support
int32 support
int64 support
int8 support
is_char membership
is_empty membership
is_equal comparison
is_equalnan comparison
is_finite membership
is_inf membership
is_logical membership
is_nan membership
is_numeric membership
is_real membership
is_scalar membership
length support
log basic
log10 basic
log2 basic
logical boolean
max basic
mean statistics
median statistics
meshgrid2d geometry
min basic
mod basic
nan constantsmatrix
nextpowerof2 basic
norm linalgebra
numdims linalgebra
ones matrix
polar_to_cart basic
powerof2 basic
powerofreal basic
prod basic
real basic
reallog basic
rem basic
repeatmx matrix
reshapemx linalgebra
round basic
sec trigonometric
sech trigonometric
sign basic
sin trigonometric
sinc trigonometricwaveform generation
single support
sinh trigonometric
size linalgebra
sort basic
sqrt basic
sqrtofreal basic
sum basic
tan trigonometric
tanh trigonometric
true matrix
uint16 support
uint32 support
uint64 support
uint8 support
win_gauss windows
xor boolean
zeros matrix

Functions That Cause Unbounded Execution Times in Real-Time Applications

The following MathScript functions are supported on RT targets. However, these functions are known to cause unbounded execution times throughout the entire MathScript Node, including the entire call chain of user-defined functions if a user-defined function contains one of these functions. Avoid using these functions in MathScript Nodes and user-defined functions.

Function Class
dir support
fopen support
fprintf support
fread_audio audio
fread_bmp support
fread_csv support
fread_delimited support
fread_image support
fwrite_csv support
fwrite_delimited support
fwrite_image support
getfileproperty support
invfreqsd modeling and prediction
invfreqzd modeling and prediction
load support
ls support
pathdefault support
pathfwrite support
pathgetsubset support
pwd support
run support
setfileproperty support
textread support
type support
ver support
warning support