linear systems (MathScript RT Module Subclass)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT模块帮助

版本日期:June 2012



Requires: MathScript RT Module

Member of the dsp class. Use members of the linear systems subclass to manipulate linear systems.

Function Description
eqtflen Equalizes length of discrete-time transfer function
filternorm Norm of the transfer function of a digital filter
lattice_to_tf Lattice filter to transfer function
poly_scale Scales roots of polynomial
poly_stable Stabilizes polynomial
residuezd z-transform partial fraction expansion
sos_to_ss Second-order section to state-space
sos_to_tf Second-order section to transfer function
sos_to_zpk Second-order section to zero-pole-gain
ss_to_sos State-space to second-order section
ss_to_tf State-space to transfer function
ss_to_zpk State-space to zero-pole-gain
tf_to_lattice Transfer function to lattice filter
tf_to_sos Transfer function to second-order section
tf_to_ss Transfer function to state-space
tf_to_zpk Transfer function to zero-pole-gain
tf_to_zpk_eqlen Transfer function to zero-pole-gain
zpk_to_sos Zero-pole-gain to second-order section
zpk_to_ss Zero-pole-gain to state-space
zpk_to_tf Zero-pole to transfer function