membership (MathScript RT Module Class)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT模块帮助

版本日期:June 2012



Requires: MathScript RT Module

Use members of the membership class of MathScript functions to determine if elements belong to a given class of objects.

Function Description
datatype Returns data type
exist Variable, file, or directory exists
is_char Is a string?
is_dir String represents a directory?
is_empty Matrix is empty?
is_finite Elements are finite?
is_global Variable is global?
is_ieee Arithmetic based on IEEE?
is_inf Numbers are +inf or -inf?
is_keyword String is a keyword?
is_letter Characters are letters?
is_logical Matrix is Boolean?
is_member Variable is in class?
is_membermx Member of a set?
is_nan Elements are NaN?
is_numeric Matrix is numeric?
is_prime Elements are prime?
is_real Matrix is real?
is_scalar Is a scalar?
is_sorted Matrix is sorted?
is_space Elements represent white spaces?
is_string Matrix is a string?
is_validvarname String is valid variable name?