plots (MathScript RT Module Class)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT模块帮助

版本日期:June 2012



Requires: MathScript RT Module

Use members of the plots class of MathScript functions to generate or manipulate 2D and 3D plots.

Function Description
area Filled area plot
axes Generates or activates a plot
axis Scales plot axes
bar Vertical bar plot
bar3d 3D vertical bar plot
bar3dhoriz 3D horizontal bar plot
barhoriz Horizontal bar plot
clfig Clears plot windows
clgraph Clears current figure
close Closes figures
colormap Sets the color map of the current plot
colormapplot Plot of a color map matrix
compass Generates compass plot
contour Contour plot
contour3d 3D contour plot
contouris Contour plot with intensity shading
datescale Displays a time stamp for x-scale or y-scale
deferdraw Defers drawing or redraws
errorbar Plot with error bars
eyediagram Generates plot
feather Plots vectors
figure Generates or activates a plot window
fill Filled polygon
get Returns the attribute value of a plot object
grid Adds/removes grids
hold Holds current graph
image Plots an image
imagescaled Plots a scaled image
is_hold Current hold state?
legend Adds legend to plot
line Adds line to plot
loglog Double-logarithmic plot
mesh Plots mesh
meshcontour Plots mesh and contours
pareto Pareto plot
pie Pie chart
plot Standard plot
plot3d 3D plot
plotcoord Plots coordinates using an adjacency matrix
plotf Standard plot of a function
plotf_3d 3D plot of functions
plotf_contour Contour plot of a function
plotf_contouris Contour plot with intensity shading of a function
plotf_mesh Plots mesh of a function
plotf_meshcontour Plots mesh and contours of a function
plotf_polar Polar plot of a function
plotf_surf Surface plot of a function
plotf_surfcontour Surface plot and contours of a function
plotmatrix Scatter plots of a matrix
plottext Adds text to plot area
plotyy Plot with left and right y-axes
polar Polar plot
print Print the plot window
quiver Velocity plot
ref_plotarea Returns reference to current plot area
ref_plotwin Current plot window
scatter Scatter plot
scatter3d 3D scatter plot
selectdata Acquires data points from a plot
semilog_x Logarithmic plot in x
semilog_y Logarithmic plot in y
set Sets the attribute value of a plot object
showplot Brings plot window to front
stairs Stairstep plot
stem Stem plot
stem3d 3D stem plot
stripplot Strip plot
subplot Creates tiled plots
surface Surface plot
surfacecontour Surface plot and contours
surfacenorm Plots a 3D surface, including the normal
text Adds text to plot area
title Single graph window title
titles Multiple graph window title
treeplot Plots tree or forest
view Sets the viewing position of a 3D plot
view_image Plots image
waterfall 3D waterfall
xlabel Single plot window x-axis label
xlabels Multiple graph window x-axis label
xlimit Sets the range of the x-scale
ylabel Single plot window y-axis label
ylabels Multiple graph window y-axis label
ylimit Sets the range of the y-scale
zlabel Labels z-axis
zlimit Sets the range of the z-scale
zoom Zooms in on graph