string (MathScript RT Module Class)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT模块帮助

版本日期:June 2012



Requires: MathScript RT Module

Use members of the string class of MathScript functions to manipulate, generate, search for, and convert strings.

Function Description
base_to_dec Base number (string) to decimal number
bin_to_dec Binary number (string) to decimal number
blanks String of blanks
char Returns character representation
deblank Removes trailing blank spaces
dec_to_base Decimal number to base number (string)
dec_to_bin Decimal number to binary number (string)
dec_to_hex Decimal number to hexadecimal number (string)
findstr Finds a string within a string
hex_to_dec Hexadecimal number (string) to decimal number
hex_to_num Hexadecimal to double-precision number
int_to_str Integers to a string
lowercase Replaces with lowercase letters
mx_to_str Numeric matrix to string
num_to_str Numbers to string
regex Regular expression search
regex_convert Converts string to regular expression
regex_i Regular expression search ignoring case
regex_replace Regular expression search and replace
sprintf Formats input
sscanf Formatted string input
str_to_double String to double
str_to_mx Strings to character matrix
str_to_num Strings to numeric matrix
str_to_range Spreadsheet range to numerical range
strconcat Concatenates character matrices horizontally
strcmp String comparison
strcmp_i String comparison ignoring case
strcmp_n String comparison of the first n characters
strcmp_ni String comparison of the first n characters ignoring case
strfindall Finds a string in another string
strjustify Justifies string
strmatchall Matches strings
strread Formatted string input with options
strreplace String replacement
strtoken Token in a string
strtrimwhite Removes white space from both ends of string
strvconcat Concatenates character matrices vertically
strvectorize Vectorizes strings
uppercase Replaces with uppercase letters

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