support (MathScript RT Module Class)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT模块帮助

版本日期:June 2012



Requires: MathScript RT Module

Use members of the support class of MathScript functions to manage directories and convert, display, and manage variables.

Function Description
addpath Adds directories to search
arginchk Input argument in range?
arginnum Number of input arguments
argoutchk Output argument in range?
argoutnum Number of output arguments
cd Changes working directory
complex Constructs complex elements
delete Deletes a file
dir Lists files in directory
disp Displays variable content
display Displays variable name and content
dos Executes a Windows or DOS command
double Converts to double-precision numbers
duplicate Output = input
end Marks end of statement or indicates last element
error Displays error and stops execution
exit Exits the program
fclose Closes file
feof File mark reaches end of file?
fgetline Reads line from file
fgets Reads characters or line from file
fileinfo Filename parts
flatindex Linearizes index
fopen Opens file
format Controls the display format of numbers
fprintf Writes text file
fread Reads binary file
fread_bmp Reads bitmap file
fread_csv Reads comma-separated values file
fread_delimited Reads ASCII delimited file
fread_image Reads image data from a file
fread_xls Reads data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
frewind Sets file mark at beginning of file
fscanf Reads text file
fseek Moves position of current file mark
fwrite Writes binary file
fwrite_csv Writes comma-separated values file
fwrite_delimited Writes ASCII delimited file
fwrite_image Writes data to an image file
fwrite_xls Writes data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
getcurrentscript Currently executing script
getfileproperty Returns a property value.
global Defines global variables
help Provides help
ind_to_sub Linear index to matrix position
input User input
int16 Converts to 16-bit signed integers
int32 Converts to 32-bit signed integers
int64 Converts to 64-bit signed integers
int8 Converts to 8-bit signed integers
is_student LabVIEW Student Edition?
labviewroot labview directory
lasterror Last error message
length Length of objects
load Loads variables or data
loaddialog Opens file to load variables
lookfor Searches MathScript help topics and .m files
ls Lists files in directory
menu Shows a menu
path Manipulates search paths
pathdefault Default paths
pathfwrite Saves current path
pathgetsubset Generates a search path list
pathremove Removes directories to search
pathseparator Path separator
persistent Defines persistent variables
pwd Working directory
rgb_to_grayscale Converts RGB image to grayscale
run Runs a LabVIEW VI
save Saves variables
setfileproperty Sets a property value.
single Converts to single-precision numbers
str_to_path Path from strings
system Executes an operating system command
tempdir Temporary directory
tempname Temporary filename
textread Reads text file
type Displays file contents
uint16 Converts to 16-bit unsigned integers
uint32 Converts to 32-bit unsigned integers
uint64 Converts to 64-bit unsigned integers
uint8 Converts to 8-bit unsigned integers
userpath Current user path
ver LabVIEW MathScript version
warning Generates a warning message
what Lists files with .m or .mlv extension
which Locates function files
who Returns variables
who_all Returns variables with additional information